Jeremiah crabtree

JMC Information Technologies provides consultation before, during, and after security operations and tests. As well as offering security assessments, audits, and compliance certifications, including: HIPPA, GDPA, and PIPEDA.

  • Certified Comp-TIA Security Plus
  • 4 Years Naval Cryptography Experience
  • Experience with multiple Kali Linux software suites:
    • Metasploit Framework
    • Nmap
    • Software Engineering Toolkit
    • Wireshark
    • Etc.

My name is Jeremiah Crabtree, owner and sole-proprietor of JMC Information Technologies.

Growing up, I always had a taste for the technical fields. My father owned a computer repair and website design company, which I worked for until I enlisted in the Navy. There, I received extensive training in cryptography and security, during my naval career, I obtained my COMP-TIA Security+ certification; with that training, I moved on to cyber security and penetration testing.

Now, with experience in Kali Linux, both white-hat and black-hat intrusion, penetration testing, and various required cyber systems, I have opened my pride and joy: JMC Information Technologies. Focusing my skills to aiding those who are either searching for defenses against cyber criminals, or unfortunate enough to come face to face with them.