Security Awareness Consultation

The human factor of any organization is always the weakest and most unpredictable point, cyber criminals know this and will target this vulnerability. Social engineering is one of the easiest ways for a hacker to gain access to your network, it could be as simple as a disguised email seemingly sent from a reputable source or as extensive as black-mail. Knowing the signs and techniques of social engineers can help avoid most of these attacks.

With the proper awareness and training, personnel can stop an attack before it begins or know the steps to take if your network is breached. Knowledge is a cyber criminal’s enemy, for example: when a would-be victim notices the signs of a suspicious email they can secure the email for cyber forensics to investigate.

A properly trained employee can be the difference between an alert or a costly data breach. JMC Information Technologies can ensure that your organization is aware to the tactics of cyber criminals and understand the responses needed to prevent and react to attacks.