Vulnerability Assessments

The bread and butter of network security, this is a systematic review of security weaknesses in your information system. A vulnerability assessment evaluates if a system is susceptible to any known vulnerabilities and then prioritizes these threats and recommends the correct procedure to secure against those threats.

The 4 more well known types of vulnerability assessments are:

Host Assessment This assessment focuses on critical management systems and servers which may be vulnerable to attacks if not regularly tested and secured from known threats. For example: A business network uses a server to control and manage their data across the network. It may have several vulnerabilities that would be otherwise unknown if an assessment was not executed on the server. Without an assessment, this could cause immense data loss and possibly law suits.
Network and Wireless Assessment This is an assessment of policies, practices, and configurations to prevent unauthorized access to data networks and avoid loss of precious data and information. For example: A network has 3 computers connected to it, the individual computers may be correctly secured, but if the network is not correctly configured or personnel are not properly trained, then an intruder, virus, or natural disaster could wreak havoc on your network and even access the computers on the network and cause data loss.
Database Assessment This is an evaluation of database systems for vulnerabilities, inadequate configurations and identifying unsecured sensitive data. For example: An incorrectly secured or poorly configured MySQL database could increase the chances of an SQL injection that would cause data loss or even theft of personal data.
Application Assessment This is a web application assessment to identify vulnerabilities within a website or web-based application by evaluating the source code and providing the best course of action to shore up the security holes. For example: A website that isn’t secured or configured correctly, with improper plugins and coding can leave security holes for hackers and bots to steal data, DDoS, or even obtain control of the website.

While the threats to cyber security are ever increasing, JMC Information Technologies is dedicated to helping you protect your data. If you are interested in our vulnerability assessment services, request a quote and we will respond to you as soon as possible.